Have you ever felt that when you do get around to giving home baking a go, it always seems to fall flat in the flavour department?

But when your friends and family bake things, thy always look and taste amazing?

Fear not, for you are not alone in this struggle, and many people feel like their home baking attempts could use some improvement.

We love baking here at Ofcabbages, but the truth is we did not always love the process.

We would spend hours making all kinds of mess in the kitchen, only to end up with a very average cake that was probably worse than a store bought one.

Once we fell into our groove however, there was no stopping us, and we were able to consistently churn out great baking everytime.

We want to share with our readers some of our top tips that we have learned along the way on our baking journey, so that you can save time and fast track straight to making great baked goods.

  1. Baking Pans

This first one is pretty easy, but we have seen numerous new bakers get this one wrong so we thought we would address it.

Make sure you line you baking pans with parchment paper rather than grease proof paper. Greaseproof paper can burn the bases.

2. Only use fresh ingredients

We know it can be tempting to use old ingredients like spices, flours and chocolate, since they tend to look ok to use, but the truth is that using out of date ingredients will almost certainly affect taste and texture.

3. Don’t Overbake

This one is one that people always get wrong. We would say that an underbaked cake is better than an overbaked one, so err on the side of caution and take your baking out early before it is too late!